Renewal of Registration as Residual Waste Haulers, Now Re-Open!

Oct 08, 2021 09:17 pm


The processing of the renewal applications from PEZA Residual Waste Haulers (RWH) is now being accepted starting 01 October 2021. RWH who will be allowed to submit their renewal applications are those whose registration expired on 30 June 2020 to 30 June 2021. To have an efficient processing of the applications and to promote COVID protocols, as well, the submission will be through email and a schedule for filing of application has been (downloaad the PEZA MC # 2021-054 below for more details).

New applications and late renewals for registration as RWH will continue to be processed.


Please click here to download the PEZA MC # 2021-054: RENEWAL OF PEZA REGISTRATION AS RESIDUAL WASTE HAULERS